Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did Twilight Fans Help Pass Prop 8?

What: A despondent blogger at Professor, What If wonders if many who opposed Prop 8 (like the blogger herself) actually helped it pass by purchasing books in the Twilight series or seeing the movie. The argument goes that since Stephenie Meyer, Twilight's author, assumedly pays 10% of her income to the Church, then each time she earns money from her work, a fraction of the profit will end up in the tithing funds of the Church, and the church contributed lots of money to help get Prop 8 passed.

Quote: "So much for the sunshine state – so much for dazzling, sensitive vampires – instead, we have Prop Hate funded in part by Ms. Meyer and her adoring fanpire. "

Reaction: The Church reported contributions to Yes on 8 made up of in-kind donations of about $190,000. "In-kind" means, as well as I can gather from this article, that the $190,000 was the value of services donated to the church specifically for Prop 8 purposes (like travel expenses, media productions, etc.) There were no cash contributions made by the church. So in reality, there is no way, even indirectly, that Ms. Meyer's income, or her tithing money, helped support the passage of Prop 8.

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