Monday, June 8, 2009

Using Photography to Dispel Utah Stereotypes

What: These excellent photos, with awestruck commentary, highlight this Utah immigrant's love for her new home.

Quote: "You might be thinking to yourself, 'My, what a lovely temple that is!' But nooo, this ain’t no temple. This is just a MEETING HALL. Built with the leftover chips of granite they used to build the real thing. The LEFTOVERS."

Reaction: Honestly, these photos make me homesick for Utah.


  1. Hi Bob! Thanks for taking the time to find and read my blog! I'm honored that you enjoyed the photography so much... I'm a Tennessee native who has moved here (so I guess we kinda traded places! :) ), and though we've only been here a few weeks, we absolutely LOVE Salt Lake so much. And I'll definitely keep updating about all things Utah and posting images, so keep checking back whenever you need to see how your homeland is holding up! (By the way, now I'm going to have to follow YOUR blog, because we're absolutely fascinated with all things Mormon now that we're living here. :)

  2. Beautiful photography. I gotta get out more. I live right in it, and often forget to notice it.

  3. I think my favorite is the pink flamingo lawn chairs.