Friday, July 24, 2009

LDS Husband Regrets His Words After Wife Repeats Them to the World

The top 50 audition for a chance to sing the national anthem on Mormon Night at Dodger Stadium.

Quote: "Michele Baer, of Mesa, Ariz., said, 'My husband thought I was crazy. He said: You'll never make it. There's a lot of talent, and they're much younger than you too. Honestly, he said that.'"

Reaction: Husband of Michele Baer, you should be ashamed of yourself! Imagine if Kris Allen's wife had said something like that when he decided to audition for Idol. (Of course, Kris probably really is younger and more talented than Michele Baer.)


  1. I love your image under the blog title ;)

  2. Is it from the BYU animation film? (the image in your blog)

    Who won the audition?

  3. Yes, it's from the BYU Animation department. And "Mormon Night" doesn't happen until August 6, so I don't think they'll anounce the winner until then.