Friday, July 31, 2009

The Mormon Mormons Would Be A Great Name for a Rock Band

What: Alan Sparhawk tries to help his daughter understand just how famous he is.

Quote: If Brandon Flowers of The Killers finds himself at a loose end any time soon, he could do worse than look up Sparhawk. Both are practising Mormons and the Low singer jokingly contemplates them forming a religious supergroup. 'We could call ourselves the Mormon Mormons,' laughs the singer. 'It would be great.' "

Reaction: Somebody shoot that idea on over to Dave Barry. He's the final authority on what would be a good name for a band or singing group.


  1. I think "HEAVE" is a good name for a band...thanks DAVE is close to Heaven after all...:o)

  2. Brandon Flowers is not a practising member of the LDS faith.

  3. there already is a band called "the mormons" in los angeles, ca.