Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Re-Interpreting Twilight Through Gibberish

What: Time author Lev Grossman interviews John Granger, Dean of Harry Potter Scholars, who takes a stab at psychoanalyzing Stephenie Meyer's dreams. Level of intelligibility deteriorates from there.

Quote: "Team Edward or Team Jacob? The first would make me a Nephite, the latter a Lamanite, in Mormon-speak, and you're very much supposed to prefer the former to the latter (if, contrary to the dyadic quality of the Book of Mormon, Mrs. Meyer in the person of Bella re-unites the divided tribes of Israel in the New World through her alchemical marriage to Edward and giving birth to the magically hermaphroditic Nessie)."

Reaction: I respect that this guy is well-respected for his scholarship, but he seems to be taking great leaps with his interpretration of Meyer's subconscious motives and inspirations.


  1. It always makes me laugh when people use "initiated" language (i.e., "Nephites and Lamanites", "unites the divided tribes of Israel in the New World") to dazzle the uninitiated.

    Anyone who has attended BYU and experienced, first hand, a walk through one of many nearby mountain meadows would understand that Stephenie Meyer probably has other, more powerful, associations with mountain meadows than a book on the topic or an obscure event in church history.

    But that would assume that personal life experience works its way into our dreams... Nah... What was I thinking?

  2. Stephanie Meyers has stated that she is most like Edward not Bella...wonder what he would make of that! :o)

    When I read her Twilight books...I think of the scripture about silly women laden with lusts. Of course that hasn't stopped me from reading them several times.

    If "by their fruits ye shall know them" what have been the fruits of these books? ..I'm just saying..

  3. I posted a reply to the article if you are interested. Love ya Bob. -deB