Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Are We Mormons or Are We ICE?

What: The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials may have posed as Mormon missionaries to try to nab undocumented immigrants.

Quote: "The woman, who was suspicious of other visitors seeking her husband around the same time, said two people dressed like missionaries, but lacking black name badges commonly worn by Mormon emissaries, came to her door . . . . The day after she confirmed for the visitors that her husband lived there . . . he was arrested by ICE agents."

At this point, it's all still rumor and speculation. But if I were an illegal immigrant and I heard this rumor, you think I'd chat with a couple of innocent-looking missionaries long enough to find out if it was true? Heck no! The Spanish-speaking missionaries in the U.S. could potentially see a huge decrease in their investigator pool as a result. (Does that mean that by posting this, I am fueling the rumor and am therefore part of the problem?)


  1. is their act tortious? could there be liability? does anyone know a law student that could help me with my question?

  2. One should not be able to legally pose as a religious representative in order to defraud or trap people. False purchases from drug dealers are a far cry from this. And it's not just hearsay anymore, the ICE has pretty much confirmed this.

  3. Don't make me laugh. A white shirt and die does NOT a Mormon missionary make. How did they introduce themselves? This is nothing other than heresy based on one woman's assumptions. And ICE did NOT pretty much comfirm this; as the article mentions they most certainly deny this.

    The professor, and ACLU, have an axe to grind. This just hits one bias bird with two stones. It attacks ICE while putting suspicion on Mormon missionaries.

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  5. Don't you love the type of reporting that the trib does? "Some lady may have said that some men might have looked like a missionaries...and the next day her husband was deported." Sloppy, biased reporting.