Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Church Welcomes Decision to Uphold Prop 8

What: The California Supreme Court voted 6-1 to uphold Proposition 8 today. In its response, the church "strongly affirm[ed] its belief that marriage should be between a man and woman."

Quote: "Accordingly, the Church stands firmly for what it believes is right for the health and well-being of society as a whole. In doing so, it once again affirms that all of us are children of God, and all deserve to be treated with respect."

Of Special Interest: The church links to a New York Times article entitled "Same-Sex Marriage Laws Pose Protection Quandary" which highlights potential conflicts between gay couples and religious objectors. But the article contains a caveat that the solution some propose--which is to create exemptions to mandated recognition of same-sex marriages for churches so that the same-sex marriages won't force churches to alter their practices--could pose potential problems of its own.

Reaction: While California was a hard-fought victory for supporters of Proposition 8, there are still four states (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts and Iowa) where same-sex marriage is legal, and by this September, it will also be legal in Vermont. How difficult will it be from here on out to gain ground in the fight to preserve "the health and well-being of society as a whole?"

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