Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are Missionaries People?

What: The Kennebec Journal Talks with Missionaries in Maine, who would like to remind everyone: "Don't be Mean."

Quote: "'Some people look at us like we're from a different planet,' Munger said. Before becoming a missionary, he said, 'I was a person, too.'"

Reaction: People used to ask, "Are Mormons Christian?" Now they're asking, "Are missionaries human?" Munger's answer to this intriguing question? "We used to be."


  1. Bob, I forget, what language BoMs did I give you?

    Restaurants, man, restaurants. Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean. It still works!

  2. For those wondering, Bookslinger is responding to a comment I posted on his "Tips, Part 4. Videos" June 9 blog entry at

    Bookslinger, I don't remember the languages. I actually looked for those two books yesterday, but my wife told me they're in a box in our storage shed. So I'll have to do more searching this weekend.