Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fascinating Womanhood Author Dies

What: The Salt Lake Tribune reports on the passing of Helen Berry Andelin, LDS mom and author of the now-shocking Fascinating Womanhood.

Quote: "Some of the young girls in my family say, 'I don't like that book,' and she stirred controversy, but her message was the spiritual view on the difference between men and women."

Reaction: If you haven't read or heard of this book, visit this site for a sample. On the surface, it may seem like a ridiculously outdated viewpoint on the role of women. If you delve deeper, you might discover that it contains excellent strategies that teach a woman how to manipulate a man without his knowing. But as the quote above indicates, I think what both men and women should really take away from this book, despite its many flaws, is that it's better to think of your spouse first and yourself second.


  1. That book was our Bible for marriage. And a lot of the ideas still work! Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Yeah, "How to Manipulate Your Husband" was probably a good sub-title, even though a bit irreverent.

    Hey, thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  3. Her daughter was in our neighborhood and ward in Virginia. She espoused it! Fun having "Grandma" participate in our ward. Neat lady. B