Monday, June 1, 2009

Going to Utah? Watch out for The Mormons!

What: Feminist Mormon Housewives reports on some advice she received from a fellow Texan when she was told she was moving to Utah.

Quote: '“Well, you know,” he stage-whispered at me, “your new hometown is about 80% Mormon. And even though Mormons consider themselves Christians, they don’t really follow Christ. So watch out. And be sure to watch out for your kids, especially.”'

Reaction: Hot on the heels of "The Mormons are Coming, The Mormons are Coming!" ads that are being printed in newspapers in Eastern states, we hear of stories like this and think, Is our society beginning to revert back to the era of fear of Mormons seen in the 19th century? Back then, the intolerance was so great that Missouri felt compelled to issue an extermination order. Regardless of whether someone feels justified in disliking the Mormons because of their political actions or religious beliefs, do they really feel the need to be afraid of us?


  1. Very interesting... the best way to dispel fear is with knowledge... so don't be afraid to be openly Mormon!!!

  2. I am amazed at some of the things people still think about Mormons, especially out of the state of Utah. It helps me realize that when you haven't had experience with a certain group of people you should be really careful about believing other's opinions about them and learn for yourself.