Monday, June 1, 2009

A Non-Mormon Study of The Book of Mormon

What: The blogger at Philochristos decides to share his thoughts as a sincere beginner on Mormonism and The Book of Mormon. He learned about the church through a "good friend" who shared her testimony and invited him to read the book. He did read, taking notes, and intending to post the notes on his blog. Now he's finally getting around to it.

Quote: "After a while, my enthusiasm waned, and I never took my notes to blog. My enthusiasm has picked up recently, though, because Kay introduced me to another Mormon girl (let's call her Sierra) back in March. Sierra turned out to be quite fetching, and I took a shine to her, so naturally I became interested in the subject of Mormonism again. Sierra is the one who invited me to her church."

Reaction: I find that most bloggers who mention The Book of Mormon on the web these days are either openly dismissive, using a few choice quotes from the book to explain why it shouldn't be taken seriously or should be condemned, or are fully praiseworthy, again with little or no quoting. There's very little in between. So it's refreshing to see the beginning of a full-fledged inquiry into the book from the perspective of an average, non-Mormon reader, whose apparent intention in reading the book is not simply to attack it.
Note: Yes, that is Snoop Dog in the picture. And no, he's not Mormon.


  1. love the photo. love the blog!

  2. Snoop Dog?!?!! That's crazy talk!

  3. No no. A guy from my ward is somehow related to him and gave him one. Who knows if he's actually read it, but I know he has one!

  4. I remember when this photo was first published that its creator quickly admitted that it was photoshopped. SD was reading a book in the original, but it was not a BOM.

  5. Yes, and there was a huge April Fool's day article written claiming that he had fully converted to Mormonism.

  6. Great Blog! I couldn't believe it was Snoop Dog?