Monday, June 1, 2009

Mormon Gateway Surprisingly Objective

What: Time Magazine approves, and Times and Seasons approves the site's Mormon Gateway portion.

Quote from Time: "The vast majority of Americans hold some religious affiliation, but we're often too polite — or maybe too shy — to ask friends and neighbors about the nuts and bolts of their beliefs, let alone sneak into a service in a house of worship that we're not thinking of joining."

Quote from Times and Seasons: "After years of seeing various online journalists and Christian website do-gooders mangle every facet of LDS belief and history, it is a pleasant surprise to see how objectively Patheos is presenting its material. If only journalists could cover the news like this site is covering religion!"

Reaction: Hopefully this site will serve as a reliable source for people seeking to know what Mormonism is really all about, especially for those who are afraid to ask a Mormon (for fear of being preached to), and who would otherwise end up resorting to an ill-informed anti-Mormon exposé.

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