Monday, June 29, 2009

Procrastination Never Looked So Good

What: An atheist learning about the Mormon religion decides to wait until the afterlife to join the church.

Quote: "[T]hey said that it would be much better if you accepted the doctrines now because there would be less work in the after life for you to do. So – with Christianity I am risking eternal hellfire by not accepting their doctrines but with Mormonism I am only risking a little more work in the afterlife. That settles that for me!"

Reaction: Though the scriptures are ripe with warnings about this kind of thinking, he's got a good point. It leaves a lot out doctrinally (such as the fact that celestial glory requires valiance and not just passive post-mortal acceptance of baptism, and the possibility that a person who knows the church is true but refuses to accept it might not qualify for a second chance), but I think the value of this post is that it recognizes how Mormon belief is much more merciful to the world than the rest of Christianity.


  1. This is interesting, but ultimately just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  2. Of course, my big thing here is that I don't "know" that the Church is true. Indeed, I have every reason to suspect that it is not.

  3. I love it :) And I also love how merciful our Church is compared to other Christian faiths.