Friday, June 5, 2009

Uh-oh. They've taken Leeds.

What: theyellowpants claims that all of the Americans that he meets in Leeds are Mormons. He likes the Mormons, and enjoys talking to them, but they better not come to his house.

Quote: "I run into them on the streets, where they close in around me in pairs....I run into them outside the pub, where I have to dive thru the doors before they can grab me....and today, they found out where I live."

Reaction: They're like body-snatchers. Only they're soul-snatchers (snatching souls from hell?) Ultimately, instead of a bunch of alien zombies running around, the world will be filled with RULDS2 bumber stickers.


  1. I'm totally one of the Mormons who's going to take over Leeds. I claim the castle!!

    PS- You are HILARIOUS!

  2. Love the blog. It's too FUNNY!