Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mormons Are Supposed to Stick Together!

What: A caller to BYU's help desk is shocked--shocked!--that her car from Arizona might have been booted by a fellow Mormon.

Quote: "Let me tell you something. I'm a Mormon and if the people who did this are Mormon then something is seriously wrong here!"

Reaction: You can't expect them to know you're a Mormon unless you have Utah license plates. I mean, come on, everybody knows that.


  1. We had a car booted in Provo--I am pretty sure they were Mormon. If every Mormon let another Mormon off for the simple reason of shared beliefs, Provo's parking ticket revenue would take a tremendous hit.

  2. I'm a Mormon, and I might've had a few choice words to say to her on top of booting her car if I was on the other end of the phone.