Monday, July 6, 2009

Bring 'Em Young

What: A Mormon columnist defends couples who tie the knot at a young age.

Quote: "Don't let anyone keep you from participating in the most exciting swim of your life just because they jumped before they learned to doggie paddle."

Reaction: Two things. First, I did marry young, but I don't think I would ever either encourage or discourage someone else from doing the same. I think people need to be more careful when they're on the younger end of the eligibility pool, but that has more to do with making sure you've found the right person for you, not making sure that you have all your educational and financial ducks in a row. Second, at my law school, the photo directory misspelled Brigham Young University. Next to all the photos of BYU alumni, including me, the caption reads: "Bringham Young." Ha ha.


  1. I encouraged you to get married because you had found the right one. I think that is what matters most. I got married at 19 and while I think I was too young...I also wouldn't change WHO I married and he was already 24.

  2. There's a lot of things you wouldn't do if you based your choices purely on statistics. Is that really a way to live?

    I do think it's funny that my marriage/family professor at BYU taught our class that that the minimum age for success in marriage was somewhere between 23 and 27 depending on the individual. Guess how old my husband and I were...23, 27.