Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Pioneer Day!

What: Blog author Bob wishes you a happy pioneer day via The New York Times.

Quote: "Then a teenage girl dressed head to toe in black hefted a tomahawk and stepped into her throw with absolute assuredness. Her hatchet sailed into the target with a resounding 'thwock.' 'Now that,' Mr. Newton declared, 'is authoritative.'

Reaction: The article linked above describes how "This is the Place Heritage Park" in Salt Lake City is similar to Colonial Williamsburg. How come I never heard about this place? It sounds pretty engaging.


  1. Don't you read you Heber C. Kimball newsletter?

  2. I mean your not You're as in you are...but as in belonging to you...oh sons of provo.

  3. Your hilarious, Debbie (oops. I meant "you are" hilarious).