Monday, July 27, 2009

Mormons in India

Global Post writes an excellent article about Mormons in India. Despite a few errors (the title referenced a John Smith rather than Joseph Smith at the time of posting), this is a very inspiring, pro-Mormon piece.

Quote: "Over the course of that mission, Anuradha converted 30 people. Outside her mission, she’s converted at least 10 other people, including her mother, two brothers, a sister, a sister-in-law and three close friends. For her, as for many of those who attend church at the several New Delhi missions, Mormonism is a no-brainer."

Reaction: Did you know there was a prophecy about a temple being built in New Delhi? That's what this article claims.


  1. They must have read your blog, they fixed the title.

  2. There are already more than enough religions and communities in India. Above all that, the so called "conversions" by different christian groups are creating a lot of problems in the Indian community. Now the mormons too are on the mission!

    I am a christian (by birth, not in belief) from India, but the ongoing conversions create a lot of problems to existing christians as well. It would have been better if somebody came to the faith by their own, without such conversions...

    I have seen the mormons hunting people while I was in Japan too. That is a country with almost no official religious system (but they have their set of social ethics) but now missionaries are trying to make so called communities there also...

    Anyways I have found the mormon missionaries very pacific and simple :)

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