Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Why are the Mormons Stalking the Jews?

What: A writer at The Jewish Daily writes about his surprise discovery of the fascination Mormons have for Chaim Potok and other things that are distinctively Jewish. BYU has more copies of Potok's books than Yeshiva University.

Quote: "Mormons consider Judaism to be a parent religion, and they study the New and Old Testaments, but a lot of what Mormons know about modern Jewish culture comes from Potok."

Reaction: You could say that Mormons have more in common with Jews than with Evangelicals. We view Judaism as a central player in God's millenium-spanning work on Earth in both the past and the future. We believe that mainstream Christianity, on the other hand, was corrupted via the Apostasy before it ever got a chance to get off the ground. Fundamentally, Mormons believe that they, like the Jews, are "The Chosen."

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