Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Unfortunate Tale of Ziggy the Pantsless

What: Conan O'Brien and Max Weinberg reveal what Mormons have been trying to keep under wraps for years: Ziggy is one of us (at the 1:23 mark).

Quote: "There are lots of famous Mormons, like Donny and Marie. Mitt Romney, Katherine Heigl, Ms. Pacman and Ziggy."

Reaction: At a time when the image of the church has been attacked by various activists and writers, this new controversy is not going to improve things. After all, this same Ziggy just completed a stint in the comic strip "Pearls Before Swine," and the alleged fact that he never wears pants was harped on again and again; as if that weren't enough, the end of the storyline finds Ziggy in bed with "Pearls" creator Stephan Pastis. Yes, Ziggy's affiliation with the church is going to haunt us for years to come.

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  1. Oh... my... goodness! That song is hilarious, though.